ZigBee based on/off relay for wall outlet mounting

The ZigBee based on/off relay for wall mounting enables you to switch your equipment on or off

remotely by a

The relay consists of a plug unit with built-in relay, and communicates with a ZigBee gateway (power

meter integration or stand-alone). The relay is plugged directly into the AC power outlet. Besides

being able to switch your equipment on or off remotely, you can also toggle manually by pressing the

push button on the front of the device.

The relay has built-in power meter functionality. This enables the user to monitor the power

consumption of each appliance in the house - resulting in sharpened awareness of power waste and

energy optimization.

All data loggings are transmitted to a data concentrator.

Key features

The ZigBee based relay for wall plug mounting is router in the Zigbee network.

Key features are:

  • On/off functionality implemented as an MPO device referring to the ZigBee HA profile.
  • Power Failure alarm according to the Develco proprietary ZigBee profile.
  • Energy metering implemented as Metering Device complying with the ZigBee SE profile
  • Certified ZigBee Home Automation application profile (stack profile 2).
  • Communication is based on 04HP ZigBee Module.
  • ETSI compliant.
  • RoHS compliant according to the EU Directive 2002/95/EC.