ZigBee based Home Automation magnetic sensor for detecting door and window status.

The magnetic sensor enables you to detect whether doors and windows are closed or

open. When the sensor part and the magnetic part is seperated the alarm is activated. It

protect your home and give an alert when unespected action is occured.

The magnetic sensor also includes temperature measuring functionality. The sensor is

battery powered and is easily mounted by the included screws or double-stick tape.

The sensor has two ZigBee end points, one for the magnetic sensor and one for temperature.

The sensor will report the magnetic status and temperature via e.g. a Home Automation system to an sms,

e-mail, or web. Any changes on the magnetic sensor will be reported.


The temperature sensor measures temperature with a resolution of 0.1°C. It supports standard ZigBee reporting

(on change or interval). The end point is configured as the Home Automation profile “Temperature Sensor“.

Magnetic Sensor

The Magnetic sensor will report at any change - if the door/Window is opened or closed. The sensor is implemented

as an ZigBee Home Automation „IAS Zone“ profile.

Battery survaillance

The sensor includes a battery monitor, providing battery level in volts as well as an „Low battery“ Warning.


• Dimensions: 65 x 25 x 17 mm(sensor

part) and 65 x 17 x 17 (magnetic part)

• Colour: White and light grey

• Battery: 2 x AAA, exchangeable

• Battery life: 2 years, reporting every 2 min

• Operation temperature: 0 to +50°C

• Sensitivity: -92 dBm

• Output power: +3 dBm

• Alive telegram using ZigBee Basic cluster

Specifications temperature:

• Range: 0 to +50°C

• Resolution: 0.1°C

• Sample time: config.: 2 s -65,000 s

• Reporting: configurable

Specifications Battery monitor:

• Resolution: 0,1 Volt

• Battery Warning: V< 2,2V

Key features:

The ZigBee Home Automation magnetic sensor is

configured as End Device.

Key features are:

• Magnetic sensor - IAS Zone

• Temperature sensor

• ZigBee Home Automation

Compliant (stack profile 2).

• RoHS compliant according to the EU

• Directive 2002/95/EC