The Motion Sensor lets you detect everything with only one device. The Motion Sensor can detect occupancy, light & temperature.With the Motion Sensor you will be able to set lights to turn on and off as they come and go. Moreover, the temperature detector can be set to trigger smart thermostats or portable heaters.The occupancy sensor is PIR based and is able to sense movement up to 6 meters.

  • Occupancy sensor

  • Alarm sensor

  • Light sensor

  • Temperature sensor

    • supported logics: 

      • Security(std) 

      • Climate control(std)

      • Generic(std for light sensor)

How to Install/Pair a Motion sensor

  • Open the casing of the device. 

  • Start the search in the app

  • Plant the enclosed battery into the device 

  • The Motion sensor  will start searching (up to 15 minutes) for a network to join.

  • While searching for a network, the LED button on the Motion sensor  is flashing*.

    • not showing up in search? 

      • Start search in app

      • Follow the reset routine

• If the scanning has timed out, a short press on the button will restart it.
NOTE: If the LED stops flashing for more than ten seconds, and a short press on the button does not restart it, the Motion sensor has successfully joined a network.

How to configure a Motion sensor

  • Click configure on the motion sensor after scanning for new devices

  • Add a device name

  • Add the device to a room

    • Select the room you want from the list or add a new room

  • Enter details for security sensor

    • Add the application: Security

    • Select the usage options, one or more: 

      • Away

      • Stay

      • Night

  • Enter details for temperature sensor

    • Add the application: Climate control

    • Usage option: Heating or cooling

  • Enter details for light sensor

    • Application: defaults to Generic

Resetting: is needed if you want to connect your Motion Sensor to another gateway or if you need to perform a factory reset to avoid abnormal behavior. 

1. Open the casing.

2. Check that the battery is inserted correctly. 

3. Press and hold the menu button approximately 10-15 seconds  until the red LED starts to flash continuously.

4. Release the button during flashing.

5. Resetting process is complete when the red

LED starts to blink every second.


  • In case of a bad or weak signal, change the location of the Motion Sensor. Otherwise you can relocate your gateway or strengthen the signal with a smart plug. 

  • If the search for a gateway has timed out, a short press on the button will restart it.