Real-time measurement and reporting of power consumption

The External Meter Interface serves as a ZigBee interface for your electronic meter at home. The External Meter Interface will collect readings and information from other meters, and send data via the ZigBee communication to appliances in the building. You will then be able to follow the energy consumption through a display on the External Meter Interface, or through a computer or mobile phone. 

Key features

• LED/IR sensor
• P1 interface
• Pulse interface
• S0 interface
• ZigBee Home Automation 1.2 compliant

Cooperation with other meters

The External Meter Interface works with different kinds of meters, such as power, water, gas or heating.

All data can be collected by an external gateway and stored in a normal data flash. The ZigBee profile ensures high security in order to protect personal data and prevent hacking.

The optical probe is easily attached either by magnets or by velcro. Cable length is approximately 800 mm.