Water leak detection and temperature monitoring for optimal safety

How to Install/Pair a Flood  sensor

  • Open the casing of the device. 

  • Start the search in the app

  • Insert the enclosed battery into the device 

  • The Flood sensor will start searching (up to 15 minutes) for a network to join.

  • While searching for a network, the LED on the Flood sensor  is flashing*.

• If the scanning has timed out, a short press on the button will restart it.
NOTE: If the LED stops flashing for more than ten seconds, and a short press on the button does not restart it, the Motion sensor has successfully joined a network.

How to configure a Flood sensor

  • Click configure on the motion sensor after scanning for new devices

  • Add a device name

  • Add the device to a room

    • Select the room you want from the list or add a new room

  • Enter details for security sensor

    • Add the application: Security

  • Enter details for temperature sensor

    • Add the application: Climate control

    • Usage option: Heating or cooling

Reset the flood sensor 

  1. Detach the cover of the alarm by twisting it counter clockwise. 

  2. Remove the plastic disc. 

  3. Press and hold the LED reset button until the LED flashes continuously

  4. Release the button. 

  5. Resetting process is complete when the LED reset button starts to flash. 


  • Erratic behaviour - If the flood sensor seems to work sometimes and other times not or is slow to react the cause is probably a weak signal. Change the location of the Motion Sensor, gateway or strengthen the signal with a device connected to the AC power in between the gateway and the sensor.

  • The flood sensor is not found during scan - follow the reset routine and try to scan for the device again. If the reset routine fails, replace the battery. If the flood sensor can not be found after several retries with a fresh battery please see “Erratic behaviour”.

  • The alarm does not sound if the button is pressed (test alarm) or is unresponsive -  Replace the battery.