Monitor exits and entrances of buildings

The Magnet Sensor detects and reports the opening and closing of doors and windows. Easily installed on any door or window, the sensors trigger a signal when parted, notifying the user when a room is entered.

The Magnet Sensor also features a built-in temperature measuring functionality that measures changes in room temperature, down to a 0.1°C interval.

The functionalities of the magnet sensor make it ideal for automatic lighting, access control, and home security solutions. 

Readings from the sensor can be sent via a home automation system through SMS, e-mail, or web. The increased awareness of temperature and daily power consumption can help you to decrease heating costs. 

The Magnet Sensor operates under the ZigBee standard. The ZigBee Home Automation Magnet Sensor is configured as an end-device.

A battery life average of 6 years ensures minimal maintenance.

Key features

  • Magnetic sensor - IAS zone
  • Temperature sensor
  • ZigBee Home Automation 1.2 certified