Magnet sensor that monitors if a door or window is open or closed. Also includes temperature sensor.

How to Install/Pair a magnet sensor

  1. Open the casing of the device. 

  2. Start the search in the app

  3. Insert the enclosed batteries into the device and close the casing. 

How to configure a magnet sensor

  • Click configure on the magnet sensor after scanning for new devices

  • Set the device name

  • Add the device to a room

    • Select the room you want from the list or add a new room

Configure the security sensor:

  • Set the application type:: Security or Generic

  • Select the alarms that should be activated by this device (if application Security was chosen)

Application types

  • Security - The magnet sensor is setup to trigger a security alarm in your home. Select which alarms it will trigger using the usage option setting. 

  • Generic  - The  magnet sensor does not affect the security system of your home.

Usage  types (only available for application type security)

  • Away - The magnet sensor triggers the away alarm.

  • Stay - The magnet sensor triggers the stay alarm.

  • Night - The magnet sensor triggers the night alarm..

Configure the temperature sensor:

  • The temperature sensor can only be used as a generic type.

Reset the magnet sensor 

  •  Press and hold down the reset button for approximately 10-15 seconds. 

  • When the red light starts flashing continuously, the reset process has been completed successfully. 


  • The red light flashes every second - The device is unpaired and is searching for the gateway.

  • The red light flashes rapidly three times - The device tried to connect to the gateway but failed. Please retry to scan for the device in the app.

  • The green light flashes when the magnet moves - The device flashes the green light when it senses a change in the location of the magnet under normal operation.

  • The magnet sensor is not found during scan - follow the reset routine and try to scan for the device again.