A digital door lock

How to Install/Pair a Door lock

  • Start the search in the app

  • Remove plastic from the batteries

    • Not blinking green?

      • 1x Green Set the Danalock in pairing mode When you need to set the Danalock in ex/inclusion mode, click the switch one time, wait 5 seconds until the Danalock blinks green. Now it is in ex/inclusion mode and you have 30 seconds to pair the Danalock with a gateway.

How to configure a Door lock

  • Click configure on the Door lock after scanning for new devices

  • Set a device name

  • Add the device to a room

    • Select the room you want from the list or add a new room

  • Enter details for door lock function

    • Application: Generic

Calibrate the door lock:

In order for your door lock to function properly it must be calibrated. To calibrate your door lock:

  1. Make sure it is installed properly in the door

  2. Unlock the door

  3. Click the top button three times and the top led will turn white.

  4. Your lock will now calibrate.

Reset the door lock

  1. Click the top button x 10 times.

  2. After five seconds the lock starts flashing red and will reset.


  • Erratic behavior - If the door lock seems to work sometimes and other times not or is very slow to react, the cause is probably a weak signal. Change the location of the  gateway or strengthen the signal with a device connected to the AC power in between the gateway and the door lock.

  • The door is not found during scan - follow the reset routine and try to scan for the device again. If the reset routine fails, replace the battery. If the door lock can not be found after several retries with a fresh battery please see “Erratic behaviour”.

  • The door lock is unresponsive to any input - Replace the batteries.