Key Features

  • Easy arm/disarm of security system.
  • Built-in power amplifier for exceptional range.
  • Large LED status indicators.
  • Audible feedback for arming, button presses, and alerts.
  • Proximity sensor for detecting users.
  • Adjustable audio volume.
  • Two mounting options for installation flexibility(screws and adhesive)
  • Over-the-air firmware updates.

Special Features

Large LED Status Indicators
ZigBee Home Automation 1.2 Compatibility
The Security Keypad features large light bars for displaying the security system’s status. Positioned above and below the keypad, these indicators display multiple colors to show the type of arming selected.
The Security Keypad is fully ZigBee HA 1.2 certified.
Proximity Sensor
Easy 2-Step Join Process
The built-in proximity detector recognizes when a user’s hand is nearing the device and triggers the keypad to wake. When the keypad wakes, the status LED and keypad backlight activate.
The Security Keypad is factory-configured to search for open ZigBee networks the first time it is powered on. Simply open the gateway for joining, insert batteries into the keypad, and it will search and join any open network.
Audible Feedback for Arming

The keypad’s audible feedback driver provides users with alerts, key press confirmation, and arming countdown.