The Motion Sensor can detect occupancy, light & temperature.

How to Install/Pair a Motion sensor

  • Open the casing of the device. 

  • Start the scan in the app

  • Insert the enclosed battery into the device 

  • The Motion sensor  will start searching (up to 15 minutes) for a network to join.

  • While searching for a network, the LED button on the Motion sensor  is flashing*.

• If the scanning has timed out, a short press on the button will restart it.
NOTE: If the LED stops flashing for more than ten seconds, and a short press on the button does not restart it, the Motion sensor has successfully joined a network.

How to configure a Motion sensor

  • Click configure on the motion sensor after scanning for new devices

  • Set the device name

  • Add the device to a room

    • Select the room you want from the list or add a new room

Configure the motion sensor:

  • Set the application: Security

  • Select the usage options, one or more: 

    • Away

    • Stay

    • Night

Configure the temperature sensor:

  • Add the application: Climate control

  • Usage option: Heating or cooling

Configure the light sensor

  • Application: defaults to Generic

Reset the motion sensor:

  1. Detach the sensor from the magnetic mounting base and/or open the casing.

  2. Check that the battery is inserted correctly.

  3. Press and hold the menu button approximately 10-15 seconds  until the red LED starts to flash continuously.

  4. Release the button during flashing.

  5. Resetting process is complete when the red

LED starts to blink every second.


  • Erratic behaviour - If the motion sensor seems to work sometimes and other times not or is slow to react the cause is probably a weak signal. Change the location of the Motion Sensor, gateway or strengthen the signal with a device connected to the AC power in between the gateway and the sensor.

  • The motion sensor is not found during scan - follow the reset routine and try to scan for the device again. If the motion sensor can not be found after several retries please see “Erratic behaviour”.