Voltage: 230 V/50-60 Hz.

Choose between GLI or GLE mode (leading or trailing edge dimming) (GLEfactorysetting)

Ohmic load: 1-316W

Halogen: 1-300W

Electronic trafo: 1-316 VA

LED: See ELKO led table @ www.elko.noLED: If your LED lamp is not listed from ELKO, max LED load is 150W.

Warning! Check temperature on metalplate when on and different levels.

Electronic heat safety: 75°C , dimmer can be switched on again on 65°C.

Electronic short circuit fuse

Mechanical overheating safety on 145°C. (Can not be reset)

Operation: Push on/off - Turn for adjustements

1- or 2-pole. 2 pole when off

Depth: 24mm